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Meet with LLumar Architectural Window Films recommended by architects all over the world.
LLumar window films transform glass in homes, offices, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, schools and virtually any building under the sun, helping millions of people live in greater comfort and safety while saving energy.

Block UV rays and prevent your furniture from fading due to sun rays with LLumar Window Films. Windows play an important role in regulating heat and energy in your home. According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Handbook in the United States, about a third of the average home’s electricity bills are wasted due to heat loss in the winter and heat gain through untreated windows in the summer.

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Energy Saving

LLumar window films and residential window films reduce solar heat from outside, reduce indoor hot and cold spots, and can reduce heating and cooling costs by preventing heat from escaping.

Increased Safety

Prevents the shattering of broken glass in the event of an accident. It provides extra protection to the windows for incidents such as theft.

Increased Privacy

Protect your home from prying eyes with different color options. You can see outside from inside, but outsiders cannot see inside your home.

Types of Outdoor Architectural Window Film

Indoor Architectural Window Film Types