Automobile Paint Protection Film

Unfortunately; no matter how small; The first scratch is the most painful. Moreover, it is literally impossible to watch out for all kinds of damage throughout the day. At this point, LLumar car paint protection film takes over. Much better driving pleasure with less worry, less headaches.

Our virtually invisible paint protection films offer the smart and practical possibility to keep factory or custom-made paint looking new and flawless even after many years. We offer two levels of protection. You can choose which suits your needs better: standard PPF for a long lifetime or Platinum PPF for a stronger shield. Whichever product you choose; Thanks to the self-correcting feature of this special film, you will see the effect of the paint on your car’s life and how it restores your driving pleasure.

Automobile Paint Protection Film

Advantages of paint protection film

Artificial invisibility is just one of the superpowers of LLumar PPF products.

  • Prevents daily street damage: The self-leveling surface of the PPF film significantly improves the performance and service life of automobile paint.

  • Protective shield against scrapes and scratches: Over time, the paint surface of your vehicle loses its beauty due to minor damage. Thanks to this protection, the paint of your vehicle is protected and looks like new for a long time.

  • Perfect compatibility with the painted surface: The films, which are offered in glossy and matte options, are perfectly compatible with factory and custom paints. It is very difficult to discern with the naked eye where the tool is applied.

  • Excellent resistance to stains: Provides perfect protection against fading and stains caused by dirt, oil, tar and insects, keeping the color of your paint fresh longer.

  • Superior surface durability: Our Hydroguard™ technology is designed to increase water resistance and extend the life of your vehicle’s exterior.

  • 100% customer satisfaction: We promise to protect your investment in vehicle film and application with a limited manufacturer’s warranty.