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Full Protection Against All Kinds of Damage.

Help deter theft.

Glasses with security film applied deter theft and reduce crime rates.

Protection against accidents.

Reduce the risk of accidental impacts with glass that remains tougher, resulting in fewer (or no) sharp edges.

Increased scatter resistance.

When film-reinforced glass is hit with enough force to break, fragments often adhere to the film rather than scatter.

Reducing the explosion hazard

Puncture and impact resistance helps this film reduce the risk of glass breakage and related damage or injury.

Security Window Film Types

LLumar Anti-Terrorism Films, Window Film For Your Safety

Protection Against Bomb Attacks

There is a dangerous world out there. Crimes, attacks, terrorism, natural disasters and everyday accidents are a real concern for owners and managers of commercial and public buildings, and a comprehensive, incremental security plan that offers multiple layers of protection is the best way to ensure the highest level of protection possible.

LLumar Anti Terrorism Security Film can form a fundamental part of your plan, providing the first line of defense. Made from thick, dense polyester combined with strong adhesives, LLumar Security Window Films provide clear vision and help hold the glass in place in the event of an impact.

Hazards from wind-blown debris, seismic shocks and accidental impacts are greatly reduced. LLumar anti terrorism security window film is suitable for use on windows in high traffic areas or other surfaces that may be affected by snatching or snatching.

Worldwide Tested and Approved

With a wide range of applications, LLumar Anti Terrorist Security Window Film complies with various certification and testing standards in the United States, Europe and around the world, including the following.

-ABSU Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat I,II

-General Service Management (GSA) and United States Facility Criteria (UFC)

-ASTM Large Bullet Level C and Small Bullet Requirements
Factory Common FM Approvals 4350 Small Bullet EN356, Level P2A

Flexible Application

From corporate retail to hospitality and education applications, LLumar’s Anti Terrorism Security Window Films help you control the danger and damage caused by broken glass in New Built or refurbishment projects. It offers a wide range of solar and aesthetic solutions suitable for the needs of all commercial projects.

Technical Features of Security Window Films Change Depending on the Usage Area

For example, for glass that has the risk of spontaneous explosion due to the manufacturing defect of tempered glass such as partition glass, shower cabin glass, balcony glass, oven glass in your house or due to a blow from the side corner of the glass;

While SCL SR PS 4 (4Mil / 100 Micron) Security Window Film is considered sufficient,

For exterior glass such as building, office, shop window, school and nursery;

SCL SR PS 7 (7Mil / 175 Micron) Security Window Film,

For the embassy building, government offices, police stations, defense industry buildings that are at high risk against vandalism, stone sticks, Molotov or bomb attacks;

SCL SR PS 8 (8Mil / 200 Micron) Safety Window Film or with a thicker material

SCL SR PS 13 (13Mil / 330 Micron) Security Window Film should be preferred.

Not every transparent film should be perceived as a safety window film. The application of uncertified and non-standard films may lead to more dangerous results. LLumar Window Films are approved by the World Window Film Foundation and meet all standards. It has received sufficient points in all test conditions from fire test to explosion test.